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WaspBane is the only wasp trap scientifically proven to reduce risk. WaspBane is the wasp trap that you set and forget! Clean, easy to use lasts all season long with no refill necessary. Two part wasp trap that is safe, secure and effective at reducing wasp numbers. Unique venturi effective transmits lure, attracts and retains hunting wasps. Supplied pre-baited simply add a mixture of lager beer and honey to activate. The WaspBane wasp trap bait system is pesticide, toxin and pheronomone free which means that the trap is safe for domestic use and disposal. The WaspBane wasp trap is a sophisticated scientifically engineered trap which means that not all baits will work with the trap.

The WaspBane wasp trap requires that a suitable liquid be added to attract waps to the trap. Examples of suitable liquids are listed below. Not all liquids will work in the trap. So for example, artificially flavoured and or artificially sweetened drinks such as colas, squashes and lemonades will not work. The reason for this is that the flavours and sugars are caught in the water part of the trap. The trap is designed to release aromas but also to capture evaporating water through condensation to stop the trap drying out. Highly acidic liquids such as concentrated orange juice, pineapple juice, colas and well as vinegar stops the bait system from working. Peppermint oil or cordial should not be used because this kills the bait system.

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