Roger Payne

A 3rd generation beefarmer.   Spending most of his time with his head in a hive somewhere in Sussex, Kent or Hampshire.   He also handles sales and support enquiries. All round super nice guy that also wrote this text. 


Becky Payne

 Looking after 1200 hives may be a daunting task for some, but not for Becky! She will be busy grafting queen cells and raising some of our beautiful locally bred queens - a few hundred each week!  She is always happy to talk bees to anyone that wants her to.  In fact, she is happy to talk bees to anyone, even if they don't! 



Once Simon has finished packing the orders in the dispatch department and serving customers at the click and collect hatch, you'll find him doing the admin and bookkeeping job, analysing yet another spreadsheet.  There's probably even a spreadsheet that records all the spreadsheets he has analysed! 


Paul Payne

the ‘Dad’, often found in the workshop making beehives and repairing things. He’ll also be out maintaining the apiaries and doing local deliveries.  He likes to think he is keeping everyone in check, the rest of us let him think that.


Sandra Payne

The ‘mum’, always willing to help out where she can, whether that’s helping you at the Click ‘n Collect desk, or preparing products for sale in the back room.  She has the most important job in the business, providing all with tea, cake and even ice creams during the summer months.


Carol Payne

the ‘Sister’, she will never be seen by customers as she maintains the warehouses and all our stock.   Even we don’t see her for weeks on end! 


And the others….

Of course, the business would be no-where without the team members:

Karen Adlam - If you’ve ever phoned us, you’ve probably talked to karen.   She handles the phone and can help you with any orders and questions.


Never Forgotten

Fred Payne - The founder, it all started here, over 100 years ago.

Betty Payne - The wife of Fred and obviously a key player for the beefarm. She won countless awards for her beeswax blocks and was known to do her beekeeping in a skirt and shortsleeve top only.

Peter Payne - The oldest Son of Fred & Betty Payne. A keen beekeeper and gardener. If he wasn’t tending to his hives, he was often busy making around 30,000 frames each year.