Paynes was started in 1922 by Fred Payne. With just a few hundred hives, he became well known in the beekeeping world, selling honey to the Local shops and helping many other beekeepers.

Since then, the business has grown and still family run with around 1500 hives spread across the Sussex Downs and now supplying shops and outlets across the uk with their range of honeys and beeswax products.

Paynes has become one of the biggest suppliers of Nucs and Queens in the UK. Supplying hundreds of 100s of Nucs and 1000s of Queens to beginner beekeepers and established beekeepers alike. Indeed, it was the demand of their nucs that brought about their original 6 frame poly nuc hive which is now used by thousands of beekeepers for nuc and swarm management.

Paynes has become well known for their range of poly hives, since introducing the mainstream UK beekeeping market to them in 2009.   As avid users themselves of polyhives, switching over from the traditional wooden hives to the more modern material, they have seen firsthand the benefits for the bees.  Paynes remain committed to offering the best in poly hives that the UK market can offer and has continued to improve and increase the range of poly products available for the beekeeper over the years.

Poly hives are just part of the offering, with over 5000sq/ft of Warehouse space, we stock everything a beekeeper may need, whether that is a new beesuit and hive tool, or the latest treatments to keep your bees healthy.  There is also plenty of advice to be had for beginners and the more seasoned beekeepers too, with most of our staff being avid beekeepers or beefarmers themselves.  As a fully working, commercial beefarm, we use the same equipment as we sell online so you know that what we sell is well tested in a proper outdoor use and what we consider good value for the money.

Based in Hassocks, Sussex, Visitors are always more than welcome to visit the hatch service and stock up on beekeeping supplies, the tasty selection of honeys, jams and marmalades are also on show.