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VARROX is a specially designed applicator to apply oxalic acid dihydrate crystals for controlling Varroa mites during the winter period. Oxalic acid can be highly effective without effect upon the colony when applied during winter period. Liquid treatment requires skill to trickle a sugar syrup containing oxalic acid along the surface of the frames. Care must be taken when handling the syrup solution and over-dosing can be toxic to the honeybees. Using the VARROX to vaporise a precise quantity of oxalic acid crystals gives you control of dosage and is quick and easy to apply.

How to use VARROX Depending upon the type of hive being treated 1-2g of crystals are placed in the heating dish. The vaporiser is inserted into the entrance of the hive and the entrance closed up to retain the vapours. The vaporiser is attached to a 12V battery which heats the crystals which liquefy and then vaporize treating the hive. Power is applied for 2 ½ minutes and then disconnected. After 2 minutes cooling time, the vaporiser is removed and can be further cooled by immersion in water before treating further hives.

 VARROX vaporiser comes complete with 3m cables for attaching to a 12V battery and Instructions for use plus a Free Respirator mask which is recommended to be worn when applying Oxalic acid treatment.  Can be used with Api-Bioxal

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