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Varromed is a liquid treatment which contains both formic acid and oxalic acid dihydrate. Each 555ml bottle will last for up to 30 days after opening. The treatment is trickled onto bees along the seams between frames and can be used in winter, spring or autumn.

Supers should not be used with Varromed and it is best to treat when there is little flight activity e.g. late afternoon/evening. After treatment, you may find bees with their proboscis sticking out and the simple solution to this is to make sure they have a water source nearby.

Instructions for use

1. Warm the bottle up to between 25 and 35 degrees so the liquid is not cold when you pour it on the bees.

2. Shake the bottle well.

3. Trickle the treatment onto the bees between the seams of frames, adhering to the dosing instructions.

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