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Swarming is one of the beekeepers major problems especially when there is often not the time to carry out necessary control and prevention measures. Swarm Lure can attract and capture many swarms issuing from your own hives as well as others that may be swarming in your area. Nasanov pheromone is released by workers to orient returning forager bees back to the hive. To broadcast this scent, bees raise their abdomens, which contain the Nasanov Glands and fan their wings vigorously. This is called "fanning". Bees do this at the hive entrance and also when a swarm first alights to attract fellow workers from the hive.

Swarm Lure is synthetically produced Nasanov and will attract swarms to unoccupied hives. Research has shown that on average swarms from an area will occupy 50-80% of bait hives containing the lure. (Providing there is of course swarming taking place at the time). Swarm Lure is a small plastic phial that contain the Nasanov pheromone. DO NOT OPEN THE PHIALS. The pheromone is designed to diffuse through the plastic. To attract swarms clip one phial onto the side bar of an empty brood comb near the hive entrance. Hold in place with a drawing pin or piece of wire through the loop at the top of the phial. The hive should ideally face south and if possible be 3' off the ground. To capture swarms from your own apiary place bait hives as far away as possible. The distance is important because scout bees naturally select nest sites some distance away from the parent hive. Do not put combs of honey in the bait hive as this could attract robbing bees. Light coloured combs are preferred since there is less chance of brood disease being present and they are also less likely to be attractive to wax moths. When not in use store the Swarm Lure in a freezer. One lure should last all season and can be reused. Swarm Lure can also be used to attract and trap bees that may be a nuisance in plants that process sweet materials. To lure bees to a clean source of water in an apiary and away from ponds, swimming pools or your neighbours water feature. To lure and stabilize bees when they are first placed in a greenhouse for pollination. Bees initially become disorientated, lost and can die. Swarm Lure will help them return to the hive and stabilize the colony. To lure a newly issued swarm to an empty bait hive or likely clustering spot such as a low branch. This would make it easy to collect the swarm before it moves to a more permanent site.

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