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A set of 100% pure natural beeswax candles, shaped as Christmas trees.   Unscented so you can benefit from the natural aroma of the beeswax. These  candles are 10cm tall and 4.5cms wide and are all hand poured and made in small batches. 

Comes in a presentation box and ideal for a lovely Christmas gift or just a little something for yourself.

Beeswax candles unlike other candles are believed to clean the air because as they burn because they produce negative ions. In other words they are like a natural, environmentally friendly air purifier! These negative ions attach to positive ions such as dust, pollen and other toxins floating in the air thus purifying it.

Beeswax candles are also non toxic ,burn for longer than paraffin candles and are a renewable resource being a by product from bees.

Burn time 3-4 hours

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