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Formicpro is a fast and easy-to-apply varroa treatment for colonies suffering from varroa.

The active ingredient in this treatment is formic acid. It is sold in two, ten or thirty dose boxes (treats two, ten or thirty hives). Each box contains packs of two strips which should be separated from each other, but the eco-paper wrap should NOT be removed. This acts as a wick to control the release of formic acid into the hive.

The strips should be placed flat across the brood frames from opposite sides, covering the majority of the brood nest between the strips. Two strips should be used whether using single or double brood. If using double brood, then the strips should go on the top of the frames in the bottom box. Supers must not be present or must be removed before treatment.

Galvanised roof metals and galvanised excluders may tarnish or rust when using Formicpro.  The fumes from the formic acid will corrode galvanised steel as they leave the hive, via cone escapes or roof vents. Once the galv. has started to deteriorate it will spread along the edges of the metal.

Formicpro strips should only be applied to the hive between temperatures of 10 and 29.5°C, with three consecutive days of dry weather and when honey supers are not on the hive. The colony needs to contain at least 10,000 bees or 6 frames of good brood. Ventilation is very important so the entrance should be open the full width of the hive.

The strips need to be left in the hive for 7 days, after which they should be taken out before any supers are placed back on the hive. Most of the chemical release will happen in the first 3 or 4 days. Initial brood and bee loss can occur, especially of the youngest uncapped brood, in the first four days. A brood break of three days is normal, and studies show that increased egg laying can be noted by day 14 after treatment. Check your mite levels before and after treating.

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