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This kit is designed to provide a rapid on-site diagnosis of European Foulbrood infections in honeybee larvae. The kit is based on similar technology to that of the highly successful home pregnancy test kits and reacts specifically to antibodies associated with the pathogen Melissococcus pluton causing European Foulbrood in honeybees. The kits are rigorously tested for use in the field, by comparison with standard laboratory tests. Validation of this test kit has been performed at the National Bee Unit of the Central Science Laboratory, York and at other institutes internationally.

Kit Contents 1x Extraction Bottle (A) containing 5mls of extraction buffer and ball bearings 1x Test Device (B) in foil pack. Each pack contains a sachet of silica gel dessicant. Avoid skin contact. The device needs to be kept horizontal after addition of the test sample. To achieve this, place device in palm of hand or alternative flat surface. There is space on the label on the reverse of the device to write details such as sample identification, date and result. Also on the reverse is a batch number for each device. If problems are encountered with any device please quote this batch number when contacting Vita ( Europe ) Limited. Sampling Whole or part samples can be used with the extraction bottle. It is recommended that a whole infected larva be used to obtain the best results.

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