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Comes complete with 3 brown plastic frames, queen excluder, ventilation grid and transparent inner lid. 
  • Made from hard styrofoam, the walls are approx. 20mm thick for optimal insulation.
  • 3-frame brood box, which can accommodate 5 frames with feeder section removed.
  • Roof with roller cage recesses
  • Removable sliding floor
  • Removable feeder - capacity for up to 500g fondant
  • Transparent inner lid with an opening for the insertion of a queen's cage with a cover flap

Once queen cells have been raised, the virgins have to be mated. This has traditionally been done by making up a nucleus, with full size frames, for each queen, effectively taking a lot of bees out of honey production, just to support one queen. Modern plastics, and a different approach to creating a mini colony, have given us the mini-nuc, which uses only a cupful of bees at a time. Not only that, but each mini-nuc can look after a number of queens in succession. This is the technique: Assemble the mini-nuc with a strip of foundation only, no comb, in each frame. Fill the feeder compartment with candy. Shake young bees into a box and spray them with sugar syrup. Drop one large cupful of sticky, wet bees into the mini-nuc, and close-up, making sure that ventilation is clear. Leave for about an hour, until the bees roar in panic, then run a virgin queen in. Leave in a cool dark place for two or three days. Release the bees at the chosen site. Check in two weeks for signs of laying.

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