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A package of bees contains 1.5kg of bees with a marked and Mated Queen.   Ideal for installing into Top Bar hives, Warre hives or more conventional hives like nationals and WBCs.   Please note that installing a package is not as easy or successful as installing a 6 frame nuc so for beginners we would recommend buying a nuc instead.     we are not responsible if the queen is not accepted by the bees during installation.

We can supply with different types of queens however if you do have a preference, please be aware that this may delay your package bees until we have the correct queen in stock.   If you are not fussed about queen type then select 'I dont mind' from the options.

Pay deposit now and £200 on collection.   Normally Packages are ready around May and June but it is season dependant.
Collection Only.

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