Hi All


So, the time has come to book you in for bee collection.   We know this is very exciting for lots of  you, we love this moment too, but please read the below very carefully.   Most of the questions we get asked are questions already in the email.   


So how is this going to work?   The best and easiest way for both parties is to book a slot online using the link that would have been sent to you in the email.
I've tried to find a booking screen that is as easy as possible - once you've clicked the link,  select the day you want to collect and then the 15min time slot you would like.     We know we have beekeepers from all over the UK collecting so travel safe, don't panic if you aren't going to quite make your allocated time slot, it just helps us space everyone out better.  
There are collection days available over the next few weeks including Saturdays.     Hopefully, if you can book using the form above, it will show you straight away what slots are available.     However, if you have any problems or can't work it out, then reply back to this email and i'll book you in that way.  More collection dates will appear as they are needed, thoughout May/June/July so if you want a later date, just check back a few weeks later and later dates will be added.
Only phone as a very last resort - sorry, we are not trying to be difficult but with 100s to book in, dealing with the calls can be hard.

Need other equipment?

We don't have an spare stock on site when you collect your bees so if you need any other equipment and would like to collect it at the same time- such as feeders, sugar syrup or frames (see video below to check you have everything you need), then please order your items online https://paynesbeefarm.co.uk/   You can select 'pickup from local store' as the delivery option and we'll get the order ready for you, with the bees.   (you can ignore any emails you get about collecting your order, it will be fine to collect them with you bees).
Remember, you may need feeders and or syrup when you first transfer your colony into your hive.

Need help with what to do/Guides

Check out our video on how to transfer your 6 frame nuc here:
This video is to help you install your nuc of bees, once you have collected it from Paynes Bee Farm. Apologies but this was filmed while it was still too c...
Remember if you have brought a nuc with extension - the same instructions apply but you have 12 frames in the nuc box, not just 6.
You can also find a step-by-step guide here too:   
Collection days tend to be busy and we will make sure you are confident with what to do when you collect them, but unfortunately we will be unable to offer detailed advice on the collection day itself as there will be numerous other collections going on throughout the day.   However, we are more than happy to help with any advice or questions via email beforehand so ask away 🙂

Other Useful Information

What to bring with You?
Your bee suit - you shouldn't need it as the bees are all sealed but just in case, better safe than sorry.
A bottle or spray of water - for the bees on hot days and long journeys. (not really a problem in April/May though).
Collection from:
Paynes Bee Farm ltd
Wickham Hill
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