We are continuing to check on the bees as they are coming through Winter.   Temperatures remain cold though so we are unable to perform any full inspections, just checking on food stores mainly.    We are now getting many emails and phone calls asking about their bee orders, but i'm afraid we still have a way to go before we can send bees out, especially as we have a cold weather front due to hit soon.

We are expecting to send emails out to customers in April, once we are closer to the time of dispatching bees.  This will have all the details for the collection days and details of how to pay the final payment if you've only paid the deposit.  In the meantime, keep an eye on this blog for updates.


Standard Nuc - Now taking orders - Due to be ready May 2023

Jumbo Nucs - Now taking orders - Due June/July 2023
Langstroth Nucs - Now taking orders - Due June/July 2023

Package Bees - Now taking orders - Due June 2023