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The Paynes poly hive is one hive that will be appreciated by the bees as well as the beekeeper!

Part of our Poly National Hive Range, it is totally compatible with both our wooden National hives and our Poly National hive components.    This means you can use your existing hive parts you may already have and take advantage of the polystyrene benefits.


Each hive component is made from a very high density material, 120g/litre - up to 4 times stronger than the poly used for packaging.    This gives the hives great durability, able to withstand hive tools and the usual beehive inspections.    It's lightweight properties will mean it is easier to handle too - great for those bad backs!

Its insulation properties also makes it ideal for beehives as less bees are required to maintain the heat required for effective brood rearing, helps improve overwintering successes and giving you an earlier spring buildup.

No faffing around with this hive.   Each component is one piece moulded so there are no weak joints and very minimal assembly needed before you add your bees.   Just insert the metal frame runners into the slots (provided) and give your hive a lick of paint and you are ready to go!

Ideally, you'll want your hive to be all poly to get maximum benefits from it.  But no need to chuck away your wooden parts.      You can use those parts on the poly hive, whether that's a wooden brood box, wooden super, or any other wooden item.   The only limitation is you can't use a wooden roof over the top of a poly box.


A Complete National Hive - empty, consists of:

Open Mesh Floor with entrance reducer block.  
This meshed floor has so many benefits over a solid equivalent.   The improved ventilation means less damp over the winter without sacrificing temperature loss so colonies are more likely to survive the colder months when they are less active.   The floor includes a pull out varroa inspection board so you can easily inspect the board from the rear of the hive and count the varroa mites without even opening it up, allowing the bees to get on with their job.   Each floor comes with an entrance reducer, a block that can be used to narrow the entrance down so that the colony can defend itself against larger rivals.   The entrance block also has a mouseguard built in so you don't have to worry about mice making their home inside the hive during the winter when the bees are dormant.

Jumbo Brood Box
The brood box is where the queen will lay all her eggs and holds 11 frames.    Comes with metal frame runners to hold the frames in the box.   

2 x poly Supers
It is the Supers that the bees use to store the honey.   Each super will hold 11 frames.    They come with metal frame runners but you can also swap them out for castellated runners (available separately) if you prefer those.

Plastic Excluder
This flexible queen excluder fits between the brood box and the supers, allowing the separation of brood laying and honey storing.    This allows the easy removal of honey from the hive without disturbing the brood nest.   The plastic excluder has nice, friendly round edges so no harm to the bees.

Poly clear flexible Crownboard
This clear crownboard/coverboard allows the opportunity to peak into the beehive with minimal disturbance, giving you a glimpse into how the bees are doing.   Whether this is how full the honey supers are filling up in the summer, or if the bees are clustering in the winter.
What could be considered the most important component on a beehive, it is the roof that will keep the bees warm and dry.    Our poly roof is 40mm thick, allow plenty of insulation to keep the heat in.

Hive Strap
Every hive comes with a 5 metre hive strap, long enough to around even the biggest of hives.     No matter how windy it gets out there, the bees and the hive will carry on.


We are passionate about looking after the environment and looking after bees.   For every complete hive that we sell, we will plant 2 trees and help with carbon reduction.   Check out how we are doing here.

All our Poly Hives are made in the UK.

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