Bee Suit Size: Extra Small
Glove Size: 7
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The Beginners Kit consists of:

A complete hive of your choice with frames (flat-packed)

A Standard Stainless Steel smoker 

Bag Of Smoker String
a long lasting smoker fuel which will not fizzle out if left unattended.

All in One Bee Suit

The hood is detachable but can also be thrown back when not in use. This suit has six good sized pockets, one with a pen division. In addition there is a hive tool pocket on each trouser leg and a pocket on each sleeve suitable for hive tools, queen cages or carrying an Epipen. With elasticated hems, the suit is completely secure when worn with the correct accessories. Thumb loops at the cuff keep your sleeves in place while putting on your gloves. Ankle zips on this suit make it easier to put on.

Blue Rubber gloves
blue rubber gloves are well made and a good fit, comfortable to wear and incredible value. They have twill elasticated gauntlets.

Stainless steel hive tool
An essential and indispensable piece of equipment. Three types ae available. In stainless steel we have the traditional standard tool, 10" long with sharpened ends - very useful for scraping top bars.

Top Feeder

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